The best way to see how we operate at Kalinda Primary School is to come on a school tour. See the school in action on any normal school day. We are proud and confident that you will be impressed with our learning environment.


At Kalinda, we prefer to take individual tours so that families can ask us all about the areas of the school in which they are interested and also tell us about their children and their needs. The tours are taken by Karen Rouda ( Acting Principal),  and Lauren Hopkins (Assistant Principal).


Due to recent changes within Department of Education facilities allocation, Kalinda Primary School will no longer be accepting enrolments from outside of our designated 'zone'.  Where families are passing another government primary school to get to Kalinda, we strongly urge you to seek enrolment at your closest school. Where a family's' address is 'just outside' our zone, Kalinda Primary school will review an application in comparison to our capacity.


Please give our office a call and book a tour.


Phone 9876 3289 or email us at kalinda.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au


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