Assessment & Reporting

Assessment and Reporting


Kalinda engages in ongoing assessment of our students throughout each year, which feeds into a central database of information that every teacher has access to. In this way every teacher can know about every student, and each student can be tracked to ensure their learning needs are being met. Kalinda teachers take a shared responsibiliy for every student, rather than just those in their immediate grade.


A real partnership between students, parents and teachers is the foundation of assessment and reporting at Kalinda Primary School. Each child will have an individual learning plan with goals initiated by the three parties. The three-way conference process allows ongoing reviews of these goals. The conferences are formally held at the beginning and mid-year. However, communication between staff and parents is constant to ensure the needs of each individual are met.


In our Junior school, formal reports and student portfolios are sent home at the conclusion of Semester 1 and Semester 2. Students in Grades 3-6 have a digital portfolio that can be accessed by parents at any time. This provides our parents with specific information about their child's progress immediately at the conclusion of a unit of work, rather than having to wait until the end of a Semester to be informed.