Welcome to Kalinda Primary School's Website

WE ARE KIND, WE ARE RESILIENT, WE ARE RESPECTFUL Kalinda is a learning community of students, teachers and parents founded upon quality relationships characterised by our values. At Kalinda we are committed to fostering a "lifelong love of learning".



We actively engage students in a range of meaningful learning experiences. Through these experiences our children will construct those understandings and acquire the competencies needed for further education, the workplace and the achievement of a quality lifestyle in a constantly changing society.

Our school culture is based upon our values and a sense of community. We respect and care for each other at all times. We begin each year with our Quality Beginning program, designed by our teachers. During these first two weeks we review our Values, learn how we think and learn and how we can improve, set goals for the year, learn about our school and community and, most importantly, get to know each other. Strong relationships, based on respect for each other as an individual, are developed between students, staff and community.

Our excellent programs, in all Key Learning Areas, are complemented by our extra-curricular learning experiences in all curriculum areas. We believe in providing challenges and opportunities to extend children's learning, build self esteem and foster an awareness of community responsibility.

We invite you to ring for a personal tour of the school where we will proudly show you around the school and you can tell us about the individual needs of your child and ask questions about us.