Hoop-time is an Australia-wide initiative of McDonald’s and the state basketball agencies, which aims to provide a unique and exciting one-day basketball round robin ‘experience’ for primary school aged children. Further information is available from: http://www.hooptimebasketball.com.au

Traditionally, Kalinda students express an enormous amount of interest Hoop-time and we usually send six teams from both level 3 (Junior) and Level 4 (Senior) - 12 teams in total - which cater to all experience levels:

The   Rookie League is for beginners only. For example; children   who have never played basketball before, or only for fun (i.e. not in any   current domestic program). The Future Stars League is for players that play ANY level of domestic   competition).*   N.B.: Strong or high level ‘A-Grade’ players should play in the All Stars   Divisions if possible. The   All-Stars League is for any child that currently plays - or has played - representative basketball (i.e.: VJBL Victorian Junior   Championship League, Victorian Junior League (Division 1, 2, 3 or 4) Regional   League (East and North West).

Kalinda students compete against teams from other local schools and game-play is supervised by qualified referees.


Traditionally, the amount of interest demonstrated by Kalinda students far exceeds the number of places available, and as such, any child wanting to participate is required to submit an expression of interest slip (which is distributed in the lead up to the event) requiring a parent signature. As those slips are returned, highly experienced players are – as best as possible - strategically placed into All-Star teams, while remaining expressions of interest are drawn randomly to fill the Future-Star and Rookie teams - until no places remain. Unfortunately, that does mean that some students may miss out, and we apologise for any disappointment caused in those cases.

The team structures remain ‘fluid’ right up until the day of the event. As an ‘opt-in’ opportunity, the classroom teachers and Physical Education Department remain in constant communication to ensure that participating students are maintaining appropriate academic and behavioural standards – particularly given that there are equally as deserving participants who missed out at their expense. The school reserves the right to withdraw an individual’s opportunity to participate at any time due to significant behavioural or academic lapses.