School Sport Victoria TeamVic

Each year, a limited number of gifted and talented Kalinda students have the opportunity to participate in the selection pathway that might lead to a place in a School Sport Victoria (SSV) Team Vic state team. Sixty two teams are selected across twenty sports, involving over nine hundred primary and secondary school students representing 'TeamVic'. Full details are available here.

The difficult task of nominating Kalinda students, in good faith, to the various TeamVic trials falls to the school's School Sport Victoria Representative and/or Physical Education teacher (who are usually one-and-the-same). It is the school's view that the employee entrusted to this position is by far the best-placed to make an appropriate professional judgement (in consultation with other school professionals, if required) as to a student's suitability to undertake the trial process. Nominated students will be provided with all of the appropriate paperwork towards the middle of Term 1 each year.

Bearing in mind that Team Vic trials are - even in the early stages - an elite-level pathway (that will not be appropriate for the vast majority of students), if you believe that your child may be gifted and talented in a sport (or sports), please feel free to discuss the availability of high-performance opportunities with the Physical Education teacher.

For obvious reasons, the school will be extremely reluctant to enter into correspondence following the distribution of nomination paperwork. If required, parents should feel free to arrange an appointment with the school's Physical Education teacher to discuss the reasons for their child's non-nomination.

Answers To Team-Vic FAQ's Over Which Kalinda P.S. Has 'Local Authority':

How many students can be nominated? 
Unfortunately, the answer to that question differs from sport-to-sport, as well as from gender-to-gender within each sport. The number of spaces available to each school can be as small as one or two students per sport, and is very rarely more than five students per sport (which tends to be in the sports which involve large teams, or in 'fringe' sports who are trying to boost their participation numbers).

Are there any explicit selection criteria to which Kalinda P.S. 'ties' it's nomination process? 
No. To provide explicit selection criteria for all possible playing positions across twenty sporting disciplines would be incredibly difficult, opinion-based, and very probably… not an accurate depiction of what the District selectors may be seeking from year-to-year.

How do Kalinda students / athletes demonstrate their high-performance potential? 
As stated above, there are no hard and fast criteria that a student / athlete must achieve in order to receive nomination to a Team Vic trial, other than to say that they must demonstrate outstanding ability in said sport (or in many of the athletic traits that are a likely pre-cursor to outstanding ability). Evidence of outstanding ability may be derived from extra-curricular (i.e.: ‘club’) participation, inter-school participation, school-carnival participation and/or during Physical Education classes.

Which students are eligible? 
Historically, most nominations are granted to Grade 6 students, however Grade 5 (and – in extreme circumstances - Grade 4) students are also eligible.