Sustainability at Kalinda


Here at Kalinda, we value sustainability in all its forms. We have multiple ways we are aiming to become a more sustainable school. Some of the ways we are doing this are:


Students collect soft plastics, recycle and aim to have nude food lunches in order to reduce waste. 


We continuously plant and maintain trees, shrubs and natives to revegetate the natural environment and improve biodiversity in the school grounds. 


We aim to use as many renewable resources across the school as we can, such as our recently installed solar panels which generate enough power to supply the schools energy consumption. 


Water saving taps and drink taps are scattered throughout the school to reduce consumption of water. When purchasing items we are aiming to use the notion of, reduce, reuse, upcycle, recycle and purchase local, sustainably resources items.  


Within the classroom, one nominated student becomes their classroom's Wildlife Warrior and together with two grade 6 Sustainability Leaders and teachers, form a Sustainability team. Students are given the opportunity to put forward ideas and implement sustainable practices across the school. This is an exciting way that our current students can make an imprint for their world. Regular newsletter articles, assembly announcements and various sustainability competitions occur throughout the school year for all students. 


Teachers integrate the knowledge and skills needed to become a sustainable member of society into the curriculum through a wide variety of ways. Including incursions, excursions and guest speakers. 


As part of our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, Grade 3 and 4 students learn about the process and cycle of food production. We have a wonderful garden in our school grounds which Grade 3 students help to maintain. The Grade 4 students then prepare and cook the in season fruit and vegetables in a healthy recipe. Our SAKG teacher Kelly encourages all students to develop bravery in sampling different types of food. 


Our families have created an online uniform swap and regular second hand shop which allows families to purchase or gift clothing that can be reused again. 


Community events such as National Ride/Walk to School Day, Clean up Australia Day, Earth Hour, National Recycling Week and Schools Tree Planting Week are just a few examples of school wide initiatives to promote sustainability. 


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