In Victoria the first year of school is called Foundation, commonly referred to as Prep. In Foundation at Kalinda we focus on building a child's confidence and love of learning. We incorporate literacy, numeracy, wellbeing and other curriculum areas into each day through differentiated, engaging hands-on learning opportunities.  

We have students coming from a variety of daycare and kindergarten settings. Our transition sessions at the end of the year provide future students with the opportunity to begin making friends, getting familiar with our school facilities and make connections with our Foundation teachers. 

An average day in Foundation at Kalinda Primary School 

9:00am School starts. Children enter through external classroom door. Circle time and positive primer to start the day. 

 9:15am THRASS and Writer’s Workshop.

10:00am Brainfood (fresh fruit or vegetables). 

10:10am Reader’s Workshop.

11:00am Recess: eat snack then play (40 minutes).

11:30am Mindfulness (We explore techniques for calming our minds and bodies. This might include mindful drawing, craft, simple stretching exercises or guided listening).

11:45am Numeracy.

1:00 pm Lunch: eat lunch then play (40 minutes).

2:00pm Positive Education/Other curriculum areas. 

3:15pm Students to pack their bags for home.

3:30pm Home time.


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