Principal's Comments

Welcome to Kalinda Primary School’s Website. Please take a few minutes to explore our school because we believe it's a flourishing, great school!


The fascias and eaves of our school are painted in eight glorious colours; red, yellow, orange, lime green, teal, blue, maroon and purple. These are similar colours to the ones featured on Melbourne Museum. We chose these colours not only for their aesthetic appeal but because they represent our school and our purpose. Kalinda is a place for children; a centre of excellence in learning and teaching.


Positive: students, staff, community
Constantly evolving: new ideas in learning and teaching, professional practice, facilities, presentation, services to the community
Striving for excellence in everything we do

School for leaders of the Future
Progressive programs and people / Quality Learning School
Extensive Arts program: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Instrumental Music, Japanese Culture
Challenge and Opportunity, Problem Solving and Thinking Skills throughout all areas of learning
Our children appreciate a global perspective
A centre of Teaching and Learning excellence
Leading and teaching other schools
Development of the individual through our programs, community, people
Individual goal setting, 3-way conferences
Catering for individual learning styles, interests, skills
A school for children
Reflects a philosophy that innovation knows no bounds
Love of learning our highest goal
All their lives children need to be delighted by new discoveries.
Our school is quality, excellence and fun.


Like our colours, our programs are sensational by themselves but they come together as a vibrant and cohesive whole.


We invite you to make an appointment to visit our school, or just drop in!
You will always be welcome.


Shaun McClare 






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