Kalinda Primary School has a developed sense of community by valuing and encouraging the contributions of the whole school community. Community encompasses the students and their families and staff. We are committed to maintaining a strong home/school partnership.


The foundations of our school are based on the development of positive relationships between all members of the learning community. We provide a learning environment that is safe, supportive, caring and sets high expectations. An environment which empowers students to take responsibility for their behaviour and learning. Our main goal is for students to develop a life long love of learning. This will be enhanced by expectations based on a set of community agreed values. The values will acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of all members of our learning community.


The creation of our school values has involved all students, staff and representative parent groups. In implementing the values, all community members must take on the responsibility to “live” the expected behaviours. In the classroom, students and staff may have additional values which are relevant to the particular environment.




Respect: valuing people, property and the environment.


Honesty: being truthful and trustworthy.


Cooperation: working together as a team and involving all members.


Enthusiasm: Being positive and enjoying all aspects of school.


Initiative: making decisions individually and as a team.


Caring: a place where everyone feels safe, happy, secure and welcome.


Fun: to enjoy school, the people, the activities, the environment.


Personal Growth: striving to be the best we can be.