Performing Arts

Music in the Classroom

At Kalinda we use a “sound before symbol” approach to teaching music, focusing on having every student play, sing and move as much as possible to every music class. We have a wide range of high quality instruments in our music room, including guitars, ukuleles, keyboards, hand drums, xylophones, drum kits, and other percussion instruments.



Junior Choir and Senior Choir each rehearse once a week, where they learn a range of songs from different styles and genres. The choirs perform at school events such as Open Night and the Carols Concert. The Senior Choir also perform for the wider community at nursing homes, hospitals and some community events.


State School Spectacular and NEVR Choir

In previous years Kalinda from 5/6 have been chosen to be part of the State School Spectacular concert which was held at Melbourne Arena and aired on Channel 7. We hope to participate in this event again in the future. A select group of talented performers from year 5/6 were part of the massed choir for the North Eastern Victorian Region Youth Concert. This concert included hundreds of performers from the NEVR state schools and was be held at Hamer Hall. We hope to participate in this event again in the future.


Private Instrumental Lesson

Many Kalinda students choose to have private instrumental music lessons. Gene Holland, Scott Van Gestel and the teachers from Wonnies Music offer instrumental music lessons in class time, before or after school to individuals or small groups. We have students learning drums, piano, guitar, singing, violin, flute and more!



Extra-curricular Music Activities

Each year a range of additional extra-curricular music and performing arts activities are run at lunchtimes and recess. These change each year based on the needs and interests of the students. Some groups that have run in the past have included a Boomwacker Ensemble, a Rock Band, a prep music club, and hip-hop dancing.



Dance in the Classroom

At Kalinda all students are encouraged to move and dance as part of the Performing Arts curriculum. We learn about a range of dance styles and genres from around the world and from different periods through history. Our dance lessons can include incursions and workshops from visiting professional dances.


Production Dancing

As part of our school productions each class learns a dance and song to perform that is part of the production story.


Highland Dancing

Highland dancing is a VERY popular activity at Kalinda, with around 100 students rehearsing each week! At Kalinda we are very lucky to have an expert highland dance teacher on staff. Cheryl runs Highland Dance classes for every year-level and ability level. The Highland dances perform at school events and also community events and specialist concerts.


Graduation Dancing

As part of the preparation for Graduation, the Year 6 students learn a number of traditional ballroom style dances to perform at their graduation ceremony. A specialist dance teacher comes in to work with the Year 6s in the lead up to this special day.



Drama in the Classroom

At Kalinda every student learns Drama as part of the Performing Arts program. This is a chance to learn about the craft of acting, as well as explore techniques use in acting, performing and creating scenes. These lessons also provide an opportunity for students to further explore emotions, how to express themselves, and to analyse the world around them.



Every second year we stage a whole school production. This is a full length musical show involving every student from Foundation to Year 6, with every student in a costume with full hair and make-up, surrounded by amazing props and sets, and performing in a professional stage environment. Class groups perform songs and dances while the lead cast, made up of
year 5/6 students, also perform scenes and dialogue. It is a show not to miss!




Drama Club

Our Drama Club runs for one term per year in years that there is not a production. The Drama Club provides an opportunity for students to perform, as well as be involved in making props, sets and costumes for their performance. They perform a short dramatic piece at the end of the term.

Excursions to the Theatre

Occasionally Kalinda is lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to take a small group of students to see professional or high school productions. These excursions are offered to students who have participated in extra-curricular performing arts activities and have shown a love and passion for performing arts. They certainly are a highlight for the students and staff lucky enough to attend.






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