Environmental Science

Environmental Science


Kalinda has a rich history of providing our students with an exciting and diverse Environmental Science program. It is so important for children to learn about our planet and how to preserve it. These children are the decision makers of the future and they need to be well informed to make those decisions.

 Giant Cucumber!


Children love to work in our Vegetable Garden where they grow vegetables to be used in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen. The garden has a large greenhouse, worm farm, compost area, water tanks, outside classroom and art works. Children also work with Maroondah City Council in the local area with tree planting.


Children also learn about how the planet works, where systems depend on each other and what happens when this breaks down. They develop a global perspective of human influence on natural systems.


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

In 2014, Kalinda is beginning its journey as a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden School. Our Level 3 (Grade 3 and 4) students will engage in growing their own produce and cooking different meals from what they grow each week. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program is a hugely successful program running in schools across Australia. Kalinda is very excited to be the first school in our local area to offer this program.


'Wildlife Warriors' 

As part of our extra-curriula activities we have a Wildlife Warriors group. This group is made up of children vitally interested in increasing the school's sustainability. Each child is elected from the grade (grades 1-6) and have to report back to their grade about their activities and encourage action if necessary.


They are always on the look out for ways to improve our school's sustainability in the yard and in the classrooms with soft plastic collections, tree planting initiatives and maintaining our 'Nature Area' play space.