Challenge Based Learning

Kalinda Primary School is one of only a few schools in Australia implementing Challenge Based Learning, an Inquiry learning curriculum designed by leading educators specifically to meet the unique needs of 21st Century learners.

Challenge Based Learning revolves around the students being set a real world challenge which they are called to work in teams to form a solution to. It is in meeting these challenges that the students undertake their learning in a real world context, rather than having it taught 'to them' in the traditional way.

Our Challenge Based Learning fits in around our explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy to provide students with a fully rounded curriculum that is targeted, explicit, student driven, and has real world meaning and outcomes.

Kalinda's Challenge Based Learning has been featured in local newspapers, as well as a page 3 feature article in The Age newspaper. (Students are shown above posing for a photo with a photographer from The Age).

Some examples of projects our students have engaged in:

  • Our Level 4 students were set the challenge of helping to organise and run our school fete. Our Level 3 students were set the challenge of taking action in the community to improve it in some way.
  • This led to students creating 'Friendship Stations' at playtime for students who had no one to play with. They also assisted local charities and animal welfare groups.
  • Our Level 4 students created toys to be given to less fortunate children at Christmas after being set a challenge to 'make something that you can give to someone that has less than you'
  • Students forged links with Primary students from New Zealand after being set the challenge to 'help a community recover from a disaster'. As part of the challenge, students had to research how natural disasters happened and the effects they can have on communities. They called, wrote to and Skyped people around the world to find out about these things first-hand.


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