School Council

Kalinda Primary School is a vibrant school that offers many exciting educational opportunities and social activities for our students to participate in. School Council is an active part of the Kalinda Primary School community.


The parent/guardian members provide valuable viewpoints from their own experiences, their children, and from the wider parent/guardian body. Teachers contribute their strong educational expertise to the council and hence the school community.


What is a School Council?

  • A legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of a school
  • The major governing body of the school
  • Plays an important role in school accountability and improvement processes


The objectives of the Kalinda School Council are to:


  • Assist in the efficient governance of the school
  • Ensure students’ best interests are priority
  • Enhance the educational opportunities for students
  • Ensure compliance with a range of relevant legislations, regulations and Education Department directions, orders or policies.

The responsibilities and functions of the School Council include:


  • Establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community
  • Contribute to the development and monitoring of the School Strategic Plan
  • Develop, review and update school policies
  • Raise funds for school related purposes
  • Approve annual budgets and monitor expenditure
  • Maintain the school’s grounds and facilities
  • Enter into contracts such as for cleaning or construction
  • Stimulate interest in the school in the wider community

Parents are welcome to attend , but we ask that you email the school before the day of the meeting to confirm on


2023 meeting dates


Meetings are held on Mondays and commence at 6:30 PM.


20 March 

22 May

19 June

17 July

14 August

4 September

16 October

20 November



We need to comply with current Department of Health regulations regarding Covid 19 precautions. Please note that

Standing Orders require that guests:

  • Must direct all their comments through the chairperson.
  • Raise issue in writing to the President prior to the meeting.
  • Have no voting rights



Subcommittees are advisory bodies to the school council. School councils may form subcommittees to assist the council in performing their duties and functions, and are generally established to provide support in specific areas.


Diversity and Inclusion      (Chair: Shaun McClare)

Provides oversight and delivery of diversity and inclusion at Kalinda Primary School. Diversity and inclusion are about us recognising, embracing and increasing the representation of different groups and individuals at Kalinda. It also involves oversight of creating space, opportunities, pathways, and support for underrepresented students and staff.


Education       (Chair: Shaun McClare)

Provides advice and recommendations to Council on opportunities for advancing educational programs and initiatives in targeted focus areas.


Facilities          (Chair: Eris Jolley)

Provides recommendations to Council on the maintenance and improvement of school buildings and grounds. Members are also involved with planning for future development and conducting regular safety audits and advising on corrective actions where hazards are identified.


Finance           (Chair: Russell Beard)

Provides support to the Principal, Business Manager and Council in the financial management of the school. Members are also involved in budget planning and review of financial receipts, statements and reports.


Fundraising     (Chair: Jo Sahhar)

Provides advice and recommendations to Council on funding opportunities and is involved with organizing events and activities aimed at raising funding to assist the School.


Further information:



Our Current 2023 School Council Members



Shaun McClare


Executive Officer


Chair - Education and Policy

Tom Keegan


Parent Representative



Lauren Hopkins


Lauren Hopkins








Russell Beard


Finance Sub Committee








Bron Steele

Staff Representative





















Donna Lee

Parent Representative



Eris Jolley

Parent Representative


Guilia Bulled

Staff Representative










Jo Sahhar

Parent Representative



Kyle Barnden

Staff Representative 











Ruby Rhodes

Parent Representative











Tarsha Teague

Parent Representative



















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