School Council

School Council




The objectives of the School Council are to:


· Assist in the efficient governance of the school


· Ensure students’ best interests are priority


· Enhance the educational opportunities for students


· Ensure compliance with a range of relevant legislations, regulations and


  Education Department directions, orders or policies.


The responsibilities and functions of the School Council include the following:


· Establish the broad direction and vision of the school within


  the school’s community


· Contribute to the development and monitoring of the School


  Strategic Plan


· Develop, review and update school policies


· Raise funds for school related purposes


· Approve annual budgets and monitor expenditure


· Maintain the school’s grounds and facilities


· Enter into contracts such as for cleaning or construction


· Generally stimulate interest in the school in the wider community


The School Council is made up of parents, staff and members of Kalinda’s management team. As well as School Council members attending regular meetings (approximately eight meetings throughout the year), they also participate in sub-committees that meet the responsibilities outlined above.


Kalinda Primary School is a vibrant school that offers many exciting educational and social activities for our students to participate in. School Council is an active part of the Kalinda Primary School community. The parent members provide valuable viewpoints from their own experiences as well as from the wider parent body. Teachers contribute their strong educational expertise to council and hence the school community.


School Council elections are held annually and the term of office is two years. Consider joining the School Council at Kalinda and becoming involved in shaping the educational opportunities of your child’s school.


Lachlan Willams


School Council President