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At Kalinda, we use COMPASS.


  • This application allows parents to give permission, and pay for any event.
  • Selected camps can be paid in full or via payment plans.
  • Annual permissions and parent payment arrangements are published through Compass at the end of each year.
  • Please contact the office if you have any questions.



The Canteen uses the QKR app to allow for parents to pay for purchases.


  • This app allows parents to view the availaibilty of stock, pay forward for other families or pick a bithday cake for that special day.
  • As the menu changes from Winter to Summer, prices and items can change, and the app allows parents to make healthy and weather appropriate choices for their children.
  • We do not use cash for payments for any Canteen event, including special food days, morning teas, lunches, icy poles, or even take home meals.